Who; What; Where; When; Why.
Wed — 13 May, 2020

Our first blog post, so hi, welcome.

This is our introduction to TreacleWP, a WordPress headless CMS hosting service. Here we’ll cover off the 5W’s, just to give a bit of background.

Although, maybe we’ll do it in a different order.


Who’s we? We are a digital development studio. Plain and simple. We needed this product, and we think it will help others.

The other who, is you, anyone who is a developer that either knows WordPress, or doesn’t have a clue about WordPress. It’s important to remember, you do not need WordPress knowledge to get started with TreacleWP and a headless website.


Ideas come at any time, not when you’re forcing, but when you either need something or you’re just randomly thinking, as such they get written down in Apple Notes and forgotten about. Unfortunately the date of first creation seems to get lost in Apple Notes and it only keeps the modified date, so specifically, we don’t know when, but it was a few years ago.

As with most ideas, they get forgotten about or usually, no time to act upon them… until Covid-19 came, pretty much forced studio closure. So we had some time on our hands to get cracking on this idea. It was becoming more of need as of late so it was perfect time to get the ball rolling.

What & Why

What was a few years ago? Well, our go-to CMS is WordPress, it always has been for 10+ years, clients love it, we love it. What’s the need to pick up a new CMS? Although new CMS’s come and go, we don’t feel any of them actually compete with WordPress, so that’s the backend sorted. The front-end however, there has been so many iterations and ways to create a WordPress theme. PHP, Twig, API with PHP in the theme, API with JS Framework in the theme. I’m sure there are many other ways too.

We feel the best is to completely de-couple.

We tried a couple of methods of using an out the box WordPress install with a de-coupled approach and all felt a bit laborious and it wasn’t plain sailing. I guess this was why people started to dumpWordPress and move to API-first CMS‘s. Even though WordPress was more than adequate, when you knew how. Plus it already had a tried and tested admin interface that so-many clients love.

If you thumbled through all the nuances and you were finally setup locally, it was time to launch, but you need to still setup a host for the WordPress CMS. Our go-to WP Engine felt overkill now and there wasn’t a single service that could just give us a WordPress endpoint.

So, we built it. Simply, a managed host, that gives you a WordPress endpoint with all the secret sauce already setup for you.

Focus on the app at hand. No WordPress experience necessary, just a world-class CMS for any developer to pick-up.

It’ll just work.


Not sure how to answer this one. But get started today with a headless WordPress website.

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