At TreacleWP we know the importance of having a functioning blog and that includes conversation with your users. Traditionally this is done via the WordPress comment system and we allow you to toggle this on and off in the TreacleWP backend. However, there is quite a bit of development you would need to do in your headless website to get this working.

Sometimes we ask, why re-invent the wheel?

This is where ReplyBox steps in, our official privacy-first comment system partner. Their simple solution to comments makes it a breeze to drop into any headless setup, either with TreacleWP or elsewhere.

It’s a simple case of setting up an account and copy and pasting the code into your application. No further development, it works with static generated sites too. It’s super performant and it looks good too!

What comment system are you using for your headless setup? What is it that you look for? Comment down below 🙂

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