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We’ve been a big fan of NuxtJS for a while, although this is a bit odd for most of the WordPress community as React is the core of WordPress. However, we much prefer VueJS. So why conform to what WordPress has used? This post is a follow up to our initial getting a flying start […]

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We will just jump straight in, we just want to launch our blog! Hosting Firstly you need an endpoint for your blog, we’ll step straight in and offer this for you, so setup your headless WordPress hosting with TreacleWP. No it’s not a laborious process, start to finish will be within the 5 minutes total! […]

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Our first blog post, so hi, welcome. This is our introduction to TreacleWP, a WordPress headless CMS hosting service. Here we’ll cover off the 5W’s, just to give a bit of background. Although, maybe we’ll do it in a different order. Who Who’s we? We are a digital development studio. Plain and simple. We needed […]

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